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How to convert any file format to mp3 using vlc- Video Lan Media Player ?

VLC Media player is the best media player currently as it can play almost any media format including even compressed media files !! It has great features too among one of which is media converter !
This feature allows you to convert any files from any source disk to any destination disk.
But sometimes while converting some files to mp3 you end up with as unknown .ps file extension file that does not open as mp3 in other media players!
Here is the correct procedure how to convert any media file format to MP3 file using Vlc convert/save feature .
Open VLC player in Media Tab click Convert/Save .

 Now Add your file which you want to convert to mp3 and press Convert/save.

You will see a screen like this , give destination location to your converted file and set profile to Audio-mp3.

Now press small tools button as shown with red round in above photo. You will see screen like below .

Now instead of RAW codec select MPEG-TS or MPEG-PS any one,both should work.
Under audio codec you can set bitrate as you want.
Press Save and Then Start .
Vlc will start playing or converting the media file .Dont press anything untill the playing or converting stops!
When finished go to the destination path that you gave ,you will find your converted file with a .ps extension.
Rename the .ps extension to .mp3 extension .
Play it in winamp or any mp3 player !
Enjoy !!

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  1. I did exactly how you said and it did convert it to an mp3 file, but I still can not play it on any player....


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